Kapil Dev and Dhoni – My Heros

I still vividly remember going to Chepak stadium to watch my first cricket match in person – it was India Vs. Pak Test match in 1980 (we used have Pongal day starts to Test) and I think we probably went on first day to watch from G Stand.

This was the test when Kapil Dev scored 84 and took 11 wickets and became a big fan of Kapil Dev.

I somehow stopped actively following cricket and once Dhoni was named captain, I happened to start watching more of his game and I suddenly realized Dhoni was a lot like Kapil. Then Chennai Super Kings bought Dhoni in first auction and I got converted into a hard core Dhoni fan.

Here are attributes that like about Kapil & Dhoni

  • They came from humble back ground and succeeded because of sheer talent and natural ability – Natural athletes
  • They are simple and pretty uncomplicated in their thinking.
  • Dhoni and Kapil led by example, expected others to do their jobs and could on their day by sheer application could push India to Victory or recover from brink of disaster.

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