Yesterday was Friendship day, I have been wanting to write about what it means to be a Friend.

I generally hate commercialization of these days/events, so I have developed a healthy filter for these. If you respect your mother and father and make them feel special everyday, you do not need a particular day to celebrate.

here is my concept of “friend” –

  • Once you become a Friend, you remain a friend for the lifetime of person
  • Accept the failings, short comings but you do not have to support Friends (if it clashes with your moral grounding or otherwise) when they go amiss. At the sametime you do not to disown them.
  • Even if a friend  moves on or stops talking, they cannot take the shared experiences and your memories. they are yours to cherish for ever.
  • Everyone of us changes, so why do we expect our friends to be same for ever ? One has to remain true to self and not worry about what your friends do or do not do.
  • Difference between classmate and friend, sometimes folks confuse the two – classmate is a special but forced relationship, all classmates need not become friends …

I took more than a week to complete this post …


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