State of Software Industry in India …

We have been on Campus Recruitment tour recently and its been depressing to see kind of programming skill students with computer science related Engineering education posses. Good junk of them seem to posses personal Laptops but seem to not using it to pursue programming as hobby ..

We have a problem of industry that basically is addicted to hiring headcount as the only means of growth.  These companies also do not adequately differentiate top talent from also ran.  I can never understand why these companies have to accept 20-25% attrition annually ?

On the other hand is this 1.5 -2 X years of experience salary raise sustainable ? One of the problem looking-in from outside is these companies seem to be building too many layers and hence end-up many non-productive managers but you cannot blame them if you have 100000 employees how many managers do you need …

I also see a trend of premium being paid for top talent by companies like Microsoft, Goldman Sachs,Google, Amazon, Paypal and KLA-Tencor (where I work), hopefully this motivates students to aspire, learn  and differentiate …



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