Anger Management – 2

After a week of writing about my decision to not drive to work everyday in Anger Management, here is the update and observations.

I took company shuttle to work on 4 days and took shuttle back on two days and took public transport home for couple of nights, so looks like I should be able to do this. I am confident I can keep at this, the trick is going to be do it when it gets blazing hot or when it rains

I think one of the reasons why I used to get angry while driving was I was impatient, so I think if try and stop honking that will force me to drive differently. So I need to just keep removing things that get me in position to get mad at others, these are human behaviors one should be able to change if you are at it for certain amount of time.


2 thoughts on “Anger Management – 2

  1. Driving back home from work was my way of unwinding. I would leave office at non-peak hours and take a route that was off the main roads.
    It is actually very easy to get irritated, angry with our chaotic traffic, and I have lost my mind many a times, especially when you need to get to some place urgently.
    Its good that you are reducing your carbon footprint by using shared transport. But if you do want to get over road rage, then go for a long drive in the countryside each weekend and promise yourself that you will simply enjoy the driving experience and not bother about how others are driving. I get most irritated when someone honks behind me, at such times, I tell myself to relax instead of giving it back to him. Gosh I miss driving 😦
    Do write part 3 soon.

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