Silicon India Start-up City Feb 25th 2012 one day Conference – Report

I found out about this conference because I follow OMR Resident blog and on spur registered to attend despite crazy work week. I have habit of taking notes when hear I interesting things  –  I remember stuff when I Listen and write! and thought it will be cool to do a full day report (mostly to benefit a few friends who could not make it) !

Here is the Agenda for the day as published by Silicon India  and some of the sessions that I attended and summary from my notes

  • Inaugural Keynote  by Sridhar Vembu, CEO, Zoho Corp
  • Panel1 – New Paths to Online Revenue: Journey of Internet Entrepreneurs
  • Panel2 – Concept to Success:Milestones for startups
  • Panel3 – Mistakes Entrepreneurs make when approaching VCs and Opportunities for entrepreneurs in 2012  (I skipped this one to have early Lunch!)
  • Presentations by startup companies
  • Closing Keynote – Best Practices of building technology companies in India  by Murugavel Janakiraman,Founder & CEO, Consim

Here my comments / observations

  • Kudos to Silicon India for pretty well organized “free event” (as they kept emphasizing)
  • The Inaugural keynote was refreshing and from the heart
  • The two panels sessions I attend where well run and provided useful information
  • Start-up presentation – had no criteria and was open to all those who set-up stall. I get the commercial part of this but then call it something different
  • Closing keynote gave practical points on starting and running a consumer India focused internet start-up
  • The crowd was predominantly students in the morning part, about 300-350 would be myguess and then got down to 100-125 post lunch
  • Without name tags , it was difficult to observe how many were already entrepreneur or would-be entrepreneur, when I softly complained about this one of the Organizer said well this is free event – really cannot afford Rs.15-Rs.25  name tags (that folks pin on shirt) ?
  • There was good junk of money bags (who may not be Tech angel investor)

Overall it was a day well spent, the bonus was I got to catch-up with one my friends from college days after 18 years (whom I have been thinking of meeting for past 4 years)!


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