Start-up City Conference Feb 25th 2012 – start-up pitch

Presentations by start-up companies – Over all 7 companies presented, here is the list


  • They have product called Gourangi which operates in BI space
  • the presenter got his target audience wrong SME and 300-500 crores turnover did not make sense
  • cost 2-3 Lakhs plus implementation charges looked ok
  • Presenter had not practiced elevator pitch was very aparent
  • audience was skeptical that  this was any different from market solutions


  • was kind of wondering why these guys presented in Start-up city because they were founded in Silicon valley (looks like they have development centre in Hyderabad but still …)
  •  Basic value proposition –> WorldDesk leverages a unique patent-pending abstraction layer that frees all aspects of a user’s Microsoft Windows workspace from the underlying OS and device.  This technology allows the free movement of apps, files and profile between devices, truly letting you take your world with you.
  • VMWARE / Citrix not for consumer
  • if they are successful VDI market might undergo radical change
  • they are in early Beta


  • they are product division of Sedin Technologies Private Limited which is in service business
  • kind of Folklore equivalent but on the cloud
  • target at start-up who do not have HR manager
  • value prop free-up entrepreneur from mundane tasks and give the employees in start-up   HR portal
  • claimed they can customize quickly but what they offer out of box is impressive
  • Rs. 2500 for upto 50 users (employees) and Rs. 50, target to get 100000 users in one year!
  • I can see these guys being sucessful in few years, this is subscription model and they can build a solid company

Vivid InfoTech

  • Another head scratching presentation but India has so many start-ups which are service based so why not another one
  • Have grown from 2-65 person organization and seem to be  doing consulting in web, mobile apps space
  • these guys have no clue about how to present, maybe they learned by watching pitch

Dsipher design Solution

  • Pretty impressive and I liked their virtual lab
  • They seemed to be onto something, they have demonstrated Virtual lab in IIT-Mumbai
  • but the presentation was pretty dis-orgainzed –>what stage they are in, are they making money etc


  • Started two years back targeting SME with Super receptionist
  • Phone all is interesting and used by Noon meal schemes in HP and UP to call out Headmasters and get accurate count of students served on a given day
  • the presenter kept insisting they have user locked-in with Super Receptionist because they provided a unique number, I kept wondering why would I lock-in myself with these guys …

Learn & Publish

  • This was another presenter who has not done elevator pitches before
  • kept talking about his Bio in a convoluted manner instead of talking about learn & Publish
  • basically the seem to offer free online education modules for individuals and charge $2 per month per employee for corporate
  • They share revenue with content generator on 70-30 basis
The Jury present picked –> Knowlarity  and Dsipher design Solution  as No. 1 and No. 2.
I had major problems with this whole concept and hopefully silicon India thinks about it for future
  •  What is the objective – seemed like Silicon India has invited companies to pay and set-up booths and wanted to give exposure, reasonable idea but then call it that
  • there were companies in various stages of evolution how can you judge them ?
  • anyhow since they kept the presentations to 5 minutes, I had very little to complain
  • hopefully companies that presented there got to learn how to do it better next time

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