Mothers day

On the face of it, I hate this concept of marking days for everything, because they are grossly commercialized, so I rarely take part it in it. Thankfully my wife is not to excited about these too.

But one day I think I may not disprove of is Mothers Day (though I may never buy a gift for Mom or do anything special on Mothers day), children are to a large extent shaped by their mothers and probably inspired on few occasions by  fathers and I had shared impact my parents have had on my life here.

Couple of months back, I was casually chatting with both my kids Anand and Aparna and it was a school holiday but a working day for me and I was explaining to Aparna that I need to go to work, because thats what enables us buy toys she wants etc. As I was explaining this, off the cuff I asked them who in the family works hardest and they both in unison said “Amma”. I was so proud of them and my hope is they maintain this perspective as they grow-up in life and understand the important role their mother played in their growth and evolution into responsible adults.

Cheers to all the mothers out there!



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