The corrupt invent new tricks …

I read this one start-up tax origins by Deepka Shenoy  and looks like corrupt politicians have figured out a new way to get money and make it semi-legit. But here is the brighter side, if we have impartial judicial system, these guys will get caught sooner or latter. Because Quid-pro arrangements can be clearly explained and prosecuted, the fact that someone paid money cannot be denied or witnesses bought-off, its all clearly documented.

I think only reason Jagan got caught was he did the stupid mistake of thinking he somehow could challenge the ruling party at center and get away with it. When you have thousands of crores you have also taken care of few thousand, who are willing to do anything, hopefully all those poor folks who thought YSR was good, realize he was a great indian politician  and nothing more.  Here is hoping they just put all those who paid bribe also in Jail for a few months and take away all the money that is ill-gotten.


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