Thanga Meengal

When I first heard the song “Aanandha Yaazhai” , I was floored by the song and intrigued by the movie Thanga Meengal .  I watched the movie this weekend as I was pretty sure it may not continue to be screened when I return from my Business trip !

Well made movie that brings out various aspects of raising a child. I love watching these kinds of movies that portray strong emotions and stark reality. I was half expecting over the top histrionics  by doting father, instead was taken back by a father doing his best to be there for his child and provide for her. The movie starkly brings attention to

  • how our schools are ill-equipped to deal with students with different learning ability
  • just because some did not get good education does not mean he cannot be intelligent or teach certain things well.
  • children do understand a lot more than what adults care to acknowledge
  • it was hilarious to watch the child’s imagination of what is her “dream school”

It also positively highlights

  • that all a child needs to have complete childhood is caring parents
  • caring teachers can transform even a struggling child

Having started my education in one of the premier sought after school and forced to move to an avg school because of “poor performance”, I can relate to what happens to students in an Avg school. It is not that teachers are bad or mean, they do their best given their talent and aptitude for teaching. Long ago, I figured that there  is nothing great about a school that recruits students from upper middle class and eliminates bottom performers and then claims to be place of excellence! It actually  par for course . If  you take children who are not well endowed and make them into productive and well developed student on consistent basis then you earn my respect as educational institution.

As I became a parent, it has been time of thinking and second guessing lots things I did or did not do for my children. Then I realized almost every parent wants the best for their children and there is no one golden rule for raising children. What is basic amenity for me, is nice to have for someone else and luxury for another set. I am blessed to not worry about providing my children the basics + more but still the burden of shaping my children future by my action (or non action) is just too overwhelming,

At the same time I am conscious about not imposing my dreams on to them while making critical decisions for them until point they are set-up to do things on their own.

There is no well threaded path to follow, we need to go make our own  using our life learning and filters we have developed to deal with life. And results will be there to see after many years …


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