International day of the girl – 11th Oct

I got to this blog – The Day of the Girl by Gautam Gal about 2 days late  but it got me thinking …

It is important we all in India think about what is that we as society define role of women, Most of the time it starts with how we treat our mother, wife and daughters and also women we meet professionally …

I admire my mom for they way she lead our family and forever indebted to my wife to let me continue to do what interests me and do as little as required for home.

Here are things I challenge everyone who reads the blog to think about

  • Do we really treat our wife as equal partner in life?  our children really model around our behavior!
  • For those of us blessed to have son and daughter, do we really treat them as equals ? — Daughters will see thru how Hippocratic we are when we talk about lofty common day happenings but treat them different because they are Girls
  • Finally can we inspire our daughters to dream and become whatever they want to but at the same time prepare them to face the society as it is today …

BTW Gotham Gal has completed 10 years of blogging and every time I read her blog I remind myself blogging regularly is about creating an habit and discipline and I need to get more regular at this!


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