Golli Soda

I watched Golli Soda yesterday and at the end of the movie, when Kavitha said “it was an Avg movie what was fuss about it being good movie”, I kind of nodded my head and said “yeah” but that did not fully summarize my feeling …

Movie has a very simple message “anyone can get ahead of life if they can dream and work hard and there is an helping hand or stepping stone , that provide a small advantage that they can use to propel themselves” . This movie summarized my political leaning and philosophy in life very neatly. It also made me think and reflect so that is what I liked about the movie.

It is my firm belief that Indian movies are actually a snapshot of  current happenings pictured and  obviously colored thru maker eyes and imagination, In that sense movies like  “Golli Soda” ,  “Angadi Theru” depicts life of folks who are less fortunate and their struggles. We are surrounded by these hardworking souls and we are most part indifferent and oblivious to their plights and exploitation.

When I was about 17 years of age, I realized I was fortunate to be born in family where you had a stable household, in which I did not have to care about basic needs (sure we had our struggles but it was never about life/death kind of struggles) and this was a huge advantage, so I started out being very empathetic about need for Reservation though I was  disadvantaged. This got re-enforced when I went to do my under-grad in Trichy and my masters in Coimbatore and to see my friends from those days move their generation a notch or two higher and most of the time it was combination of reservation system in TN + some nurturing individual. But I am not sure reservation as it is implemented today makes any sense, we need political will to change this, so that disadvantaged are the ones who benefit from this.

 I came claim I am self-made man but it will be naive  to deny advantage I had  growing-up in Chennai to upper middle-class family. So I am reflexively annoyed with Ayn Rand follower Libertarians who preach Libertarian in its purest form while conveniently discounting huge edge someone gets because of their berth and lineage and claim with  government out the way markets will ensure that  with effort and smarts anyone can be successful in life. I believe it should not be government/society  role to tell me what I should believe in, what I wear or whom I enter into relationships, how many children I have, where I live etc.   I am somebody who is firmly to the left of center but also someone who thinks if we make governments do less and do things efficiently then it will be better.


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