Pop’s Philosophy

Greg Popovich of NBA Team San Antionio Spurs would no doubt be in the hall of fame when he retires for his legendary and successful tenure in small market, But I am generally impressed by Pop the human being and how he handles his player. I was not surprised to read this article – Spurs’ fortitude fueled title run.

Here are some extracts from that interview that I can relate to …

World is filled with folks who treat everything as “Zero-sum game”,  sure you to emerge winner and that provides great satisfaction but there is something more important as Pop explains -“In today’s world, if you don’t win the whole thing, whether it’s football or basketball, or this and that, people have a tendency to paint you as a loser or act like you just robbed the cookie jar,” Popovich said. “Well that’s baloney. I’m just as proud of them in the loss as I was this year in the win. I thought when they came back in Game 7 [in 2013], that was an unbelievable effort after that devastating loss in Game 6.”

No mater how much I am disappointed with things in Life, I have learnt early in life to “Count your blessing“, so as I read this sentence and realized that Pop is  able to talk to in this manner to elite atheletes like is great – “We spend a decent amount of time talking about what else you could be doing in your life, how fortunate we are basically just by the accident of birth,” Popovich said. “Think about it. It all starts with the accident of birth. Because you were born to these parents or this area geographically, or this situation, you deserve more than somebody else? Put that notion away. That’s the most false notion one can imagine.”

I went from being surprised that Spurs where competing finally and where on verge of championship in 2013 and then actually watched them loose game 6 live and was devastated because I thought Tim Duncan might never get another shot at title 5 and then to see them come back strong and win in 2014 which made one of their best.


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