Go Green – do your green miles …

This post has been 3 years in making, I have had draft saved but never got around to finishing it. I personally do not see the point of new year resolutions,if something is important why wait for some appointed day to  make a change. Anyhow this year around new year I resolved to follow thru and stop driving my car and use shared transportation to work at-least 72 days in 2015.

The most important trigger was fog delayed Chennai flights, I am proud Chennai-wasi who has lived in this city for more than 50% of my life so far and past 10 years.  I do not ever recollect Fog delaying anything in Chennai and there has been a steady deterioration of air quality  and in my opinion the biggest contributor is particle dust from motor vehicle emission. It is also personal – it tough to watch Aparna to go thru another bout of wheezing episode where she is helpless for couple of days.  While we read about it in newspaper articles like these -” Delhi is more polluted than Beijing  and Pollution Leave Delhi:  respiratory ailments “, it is clear our in actions are leading to future catastrophic state

I had a some point 3 years back figured that I need to be willing to undergo little bit of discomfort and do my part to Chennai traffic congestion. I had KT operated shuttle that conveniently stops in front of my apartment, so why not use this service for 2 days a week. There are some minor irritants  – my morning commute about 15 minutes stretches from 20 minutes to 45 minutes  and  50% of the time, I end-up using public bus in the evening as I end-up working beyond 6pm. Usually I stop using this service during peak summer and rainy season for obvious discomfort and sometimes not diligent about getting back to this routine.

There are lots of solutions to this problem – Congestion fee model in Singapore, more public transportation – that is why it is gut wrenching to watch politicians unnecessarily slow Chennai Metro this all points to one basic solutions – reduce the number of vehicles on road.

Stop driving my car and use shared transportation to work at-least 72 days in 2015 

I wanted to do 2 days a week but given I travel quite a bit, I figured a slightly more conservative model of 6 days a month would be aggressive but doable. I calculated about Rs.1000 saving per month and already contributed Rs.12000 to tree sapling project initiated at work. I defined this as shared transportation as ride in my colleagues bike or car will count but if I hire an Auto or Cab than that day will be disqualified! So here is my scorecard for 2015 – 3 days in Jan, 6 days in Feb, 6 days in March and 5 days in April (since I am on two week break made decision to front-load April!). So I am slightly off my target but very confident I will meet this year goal (wanted to make some progress before public gloating).

I was using my Whats App group message I left to track my usage but my Nexus 4 crashed and lost data, so I ended-up with slightly conservative numbers in Feb & Mar. Now I plan to leave a comment in this blog at the end of each month to track days

Go Green – do your green miles …

I started-off there years back by calculating KM (aka miles) I did not drive my car (which included taking public transportation on weeknends etc)  and track that as green mile ! But it became a hard to track metric so instead switched number of days in a year which more easily measurable

My Call to Action  –  We all need to be willing to give-up something, I have found something that works for me and have set a Goal, can all of you think of doing something – It could be cycling, walking, sharing a ride that will make this place a better place to live for all of us and our children.


4 thoughts on “Go Green – do your green miles …

  1. This is a good article, Sathya. I hope many more start thinking the same way. I use my bike only to reach work and back. On all other occassions, I use public transport.

    I see too many cars transporting just one soul and feel sad. Most of us sitting at the top of the Maslovian Pyramid are still falling into the trap of individualism. We confuse self-actualization with individualism. Self-actualization should be geared towards driving the society forward. There is no meaning in personal progress while the society suffers. Such progress is short-lived. A little sacrifice makes a big difference 🙂

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