Go Green – follow-up

I started out the year by trying to see if I can reduce number of days I drive to work in car and in some ways I am glad I set out a goal and made it public. I got obsessive about tracking the goal and then for couple of months I was barely meeting the Goal, so I started Aug by I am going to front load this and try and hit the goal in first two weeks. After two weeks I realized I had used the car for two days and then started thinking what if I reversed the Goal -“From counting days you leave your car to counting days you take your car”   Once I got this Idea in my head, I became excited.  So for the past 5 months (excluding the rain period) I have on average taken car to work once a week. For example whole of Jan 2016, I have not taken car to work a single day.

There are quite a few folks at work who regularly check over the past year on how I am doing on this challenge big thank you, each time it was re-enforcement and opportunity for me reflect and pat myself on the back!

While I feel accomplished and want to encourage others to try  and do this few times a week couple of thoughts.

  1. A friend of mine having his car impaired due to floods has been able to come to work using Bus, it is going to be interesting to see if he can keep up with not using his car at least for couple of days a week once he gets his car serviced – bottom-line a lot of us can do this if put our mind to it
  2. Using public / shared transport is question of time and convenience, while I can brag about my accomplishment, I try and not be judgmental about who can or should do
  3. Finally now when I  have to go out alone even on weekends, I am now naturally thinking of using public transport, which is big mindset change

I just want to repeat my previous  Call to Action  –  We all need to be willing to give-up something, I have found something that works for me and have set a Goal, can all of you think of doing something – It could be cycling, walking, sharing a ride that will make this place a better place to live for all of us and our children.



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