Hat-trick it is …

It all started about 3 years back when Kavitha & I,  very casually decided we will run/walk 10K event in The Wipro Chennai Marathon 2013 and now that we have done it three time a row we can claim to have started a tradition …

3 year picture at start and after finishing

First time is always a charm, you are not sure you can do it, and generally I was walking for about 30-40 minutes regularly leading to first 10K, so was confident worst case I can just walk the entire stretch  but being first time did not know what would be good time to go for. Ended-up finishing the 10K without much discomfort but also confident I should be able to do better.

Second year I was hoping to start preparation early but never got around to exercising and was in two mind to try & risk injury but made decision to do it anyhow and was able to finish 10K but was awfully cramped-up was limping at work for about 3 days. I kind of resolved this should be last time to do 10K without preparation.

Given second year experience there was a desire to better prepare but I was lazy and way behind on my plans. One of the things I wanted to see was if I could jog end to end and Dec 6th I was able to Jog for 1 hour without break and that gave me confidence that maybe I can Jog from start to Finish it. Then rain forced event to pushed out this gave me more time. Captured below is Runkeeper summary of my preparation and final run.

About two months of not so well planned preparation

Once I could do 8.5 km in 65 minutes on 16th Jan 2016, I was trying see if I could improve my finish time and was trying to push, I was using each session splits to see if I can could go a bit faster . Below is splits of some of session to show progress and how I was able to use Runkeeper to pace my Final run!!

Splits of different key training session and final run

Few Key Highlights of this year run – I jogged end to end non-stop, I grabbed water from final two aid station (vs. taking a 15 sec break in every aid station previous 2 years). BTW I ended-up clocking the best family time in three years!

  2013 2014 2015
Kavitha 1:28:00 1:20:20 1:21:36
Sathya 1:28:53 1:34:30 1:18:06

While I proud of what I and Kavitha having been able to take part in city tradition for three years and wanted to use this blog to brag a bit about it. But I wanted to convey couple of key messages

  • Often we do not really know what we can accomplish and we set ourselves a ceiling that is probably way below what we can do with a little bit of push (I often re-assure people at work when they try something new that we will not know how good we are until we try!). I would not have imagined about doing 10K in less 80 minutes few months back.
  • There is all sorts of technology available today that we can easily create our own training plan and track, which was super cool and fun for me as I prepared. In fact this something like a runkeeper can be used to build some kind of competitiveness to preparation in a group.
  • Finally this year we participated as group from work which was cool, though I would imagine atleast 3 times number can easily participate (everyone from work who got up to this point be ready I am going try and sign everyone of you next year!), so next time there is an event in your town, please go out participate and make it a bigger event.



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