Pitchaikaran and whys of giving …

It is not often that you watch a movie and  basically change  some belief system  you have held-on for close to 30 years.

Just a couple of days before I watched the movie,  I and close friend of mine were having one of those lengthy never ending late evening conversations. I had watched him carefully take out 30 rupees for bus fare from his wallet and put it in his front pocket before we walked-up to the gate. As we were in a animated conversation, there was reasonably old lady who walked-up and asked from some alms and my friend did not think and he basically reached to his pocket and gave away one currency note, basically no judgement or even to look if the person was in need or something, he just gave. After we finished the conversation some 45 minutes later and I was walking away, I was stuck by his act and was contrasting with what I do and  I was thinking maybe I need to re-think my 30 year old resolution of not giving any one begging money. As 18 year old I was struggling to kind of figure out who to help when people approach me and it was always hard to know whether they deserved it or not and I hated to be cheated by someone  And also to me with my young idealistic Libertarian  streak it seemed logical that though there were people who were indeed, begging did not seem the right thing and I giving money might not make much of a difference so I made the decision to not give folks money period no ifs and buts. Somehow I have just hung-on to that ideal and never revisited it. There were situations when my mom would ask me to give money to someone and I would give (my philosophy has always been – “It is perfect to live by my ideals but I have no freaking right to  tell anyone but especially my parents what ideals they should have”).

I had not read detailed review of the movie and had no clue about the plot-line and so as I watched the movie and thought on the topic few days back was fresh and it became clear to me I had to change my ideal for  it is very hard to figure out person in need but even if I can help 1 in 10 person or 1 in 25 person then I should be doing my bit. I may not give to everyone that asks me for money but I am going to help as many as I can.  So I have started training myself to just help people without judging about their needs and I have started to give money when people ask me …

Now let us get along to my review of the movie!! Movie’s basic premise is “we all will almost to do anything if we know our beloved ones life can be saved by our acts”. Movie shows those begging on the streets and other marginalized people as human beings and how they lead life in realistic manner but without making them caricatures. There were multiple hilarious sub-plots that are well executed and logical – Traffic cop, radio show call-in advice,  The movie as such maintains momentum and tight script helps keep movie moving along nicely. Even the way director kind of paused right before the anticipated climax and gives a brief interlude , which  kind justifies his cinematic reason for miracle at the end.

I think it is probably not surprising for folks who know me that I have stubbornness and ability to stick to something for ever but at the same time I am willing to change and evolve with ease.


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