Sweet free Deepavali

I had Blood and Urine sugar screening on Aug 2011- which showed abnormal Sugar levels (plus bad Cholesterol ratio) , the Doc who looked at the results said I do not need medication but should cut-down on Sugar and exercise,do another review in 6 months. So I am in what folks call Pre-diabetic stage.

When I saw my father fight Diabetes from his late 30s, read and knew enough about it. I have always feared this day and its here, I could have done better But I have been lazy since I fractured my hand in May 2009.

Anyhow I have basically cut sugar and sweets out for pat two months, though I am still struggling to get my daily gym routine but atleast started walking everyday for between 30-60 minutes and getting my fibit step count to average atleast 8000 steps a day.

When we were kids, our mom always made home made sweets atleast 3-4 different variety for every Deepavali (we inevitably got some more from neighbors and friends), so we used to feast on them during Deepavali period and she stopped making home made sweets a few years back. We have generally cut-down on sweets during the Deepavali a lot in the last five years. So this Deepavali I basically did not have any sweets (other a small sampling of Prasadam). I have never doubted my resolve but it was good to know I can do this (rest temptation to have sweets).

I used to joke when I about 20 yrs old – ” I will live to eat until 40yrs and then after 40yrs I will eat to live”, which is so true now. My eating habits started to change when I crossed 35 but I need to be even more cautious now …