Not Following traffic rules – I

Driving on the wrong side of the road

Folks who live in my apartment, to save about  50 meter drive around drive their two wheelers (sometime even cars) on the wrong side of the road. I keep wondering why people do this, often times they do this with young kids, they are not worried about setting bad examples to Children

I stopped driving more than 50KMPH inside city after my son pointed out I was driving more than posted speed limit ( I bargained with him on the fact that 40 KMPH in Anna salai is ridiculously low). I try and drive within the limit even when I drive alone.

Also whenever I drive past the stop-line on a traffic light my kids remind me I need to stop near the stop-line.

One of my Friends at work, Alex was saying that there seems to be a big chunk of folks who are like minded and frustrated with other not following rules on road but we are not doing anything to influence a change. I could not agree more with Alex but will I do anything about it ? Time should answer …


International School causing traffic Jams

Super rich and ex-pats in Chennai send their kids to International school in Taramani, there is literally a non stop stream of cars in the morning and evening that they cause lots of chaos in that area.

I sometimes wonder why this school does not offer premium transportation as part of it services. Air-conditioned, supper comfortable Vans  / min-buses which securely pick the kids from their homes or Apartment blocks and drops them back. Even in a conservative estimate if two kids travel in a car, a 16 seater Van / minibus can remove 8 cars from the road! My Guess is god chuck of these kids are resident in Adyar, Beasant nagar, Along ECR, Kotturpuram, Raja Annamalai puram etc, so easily number of cars can be halfed.

Most of these vehicles are driven by drivers, who park their vehicles in haphazard manner, so of them even wait near the school for the return trip !

Inner ring road project progress …

I after a long time cycled for about 90 minutes today and went and personally inspected the inner ring road work from Velachery MRTS to GST road (near North eastern tip of Chennai airport). I was able to cycle upto Thillai Ganga nagar subway! last 100 m of road upto Mount-Medavakam road is not completed (I was surprised that they do not complete the road before they raise the pillar for MRTS in the middle, which mean the road after its laid remains in good condition, some common sense at work!).

The low bridge over Adamabakkam lake is half complete but they have sand road along it which is ok to commute on cycle! I am looking forward to get to Airport using this road in early 2011 – I expect one side of the two bridges to be completed and all roads laid at that point. The other portion will wait for MRTS work to complete in the middle …

It baffles me why they are not planning on building a flyover at the point where the Inner Ring road intersects Mount-Medavakkam road, I can clearly visualize that spot becoming a choke point couple of years down the road.  I have been wondering how I can influence planning of these projects. It was very apparant when they Built OMR flyovers were required in atleast 5 or 6 intersections but they did not plan it as part of initial work (even after hearing horror stories of commute to Electronics city in bangalore)

Here is my long history of  fascination about Inner Ring road ( maybe all things Chennai …)

I grow-up in Ashok nagar chennai and I still remember there were times when we would go to vadapalani temple (in early 1980s) and my dad would point at some portion of road tell me  this is where inner ring road is coming  and its going to connect Guindy and Madhavaram. I think for most part City planning agencies stopped function in late 1970s and failed to provide stewardship for a metropolis that was waiting to grow.  Lots of projects (Inner ring road, MRTS, rail connectivity between Guindy & Villivakkam) that were planned at that stage was setting-up Chennai to be pretty organized  place.  But pretty much the agency MMDA went to sleep, what resulted was haphazard growth of sub-urban area.

Finally somewhere in early 1990 ( I was not living in Chennai between 1988-94, this got completed in that time frame) most parts of inner ring got laid out and bus service like 70A from Tambaram to Avandi got started. It was not until maybe 5 years back that I learned that  the inner ring road project was meant to be from Thiruvanmiyur to Ennore and the portion from Guindy to Thirvanmiyur was never completed ( But thankfully they had completed the Velacherry – Taramani Link road which was a component). My guess is by the time they were about to move the sub-urban area Adambakkam, Velachery became populate and people lacked political will to complete it. Since I live in velacherry now I track this project even more keenly.

I found a more details about Inner Ring road in Wiki,_Chennai